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Weekly Newsletter - August 5, 2023

This week we had a profound service in the temple of God. The servant of the Most High God taught the secrets of why mankind needs God more than they understand.

Our beloved pastor explained that through God and His word we have the platform to succeed in all endeavours, we also obtain access to divine energy, the protection of God, deliverance from generational curses, and revelation of our true identities.

The beautification process of God continues to grow, as we are now building a spectacular alter, in addition, our sermons will soon be going online for the world to enjoy! We know that each service services our lives, so we adjure you on behalf of CLM to be steadfast with Thursday service nights and Monday prayer meetings; Sunday ministrations will be announced shortly in the house of God.

Please endeavour to bring your family and friends next week so the hand of God can touch our loved ones. This week shall be a week of mercy for all the beloved of God! Amen and amen!

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