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Weekly Newsletter - July 21, 2023

Let the saints of the Most High God rejoice in their salvation! This week in the house of God, we have released our official website to the world. We thank God for the grace to those involved! In last week's service at Christ Life Embassy, the man of God taught more about the impact of the call of God on our lives. It was an earth shattering teaching showing the true identity of the born again and redeemed child of God. Our Lord did not just save you to restore you, He also saved you to work for Him in the future.

We had glorious testimonies last service, God has imparted His children with contentment power, warfare grace, and business breakthroughs. What a powerful and audacious God we serve!

See you next service in the temple of the Holy Spirit, and have a bold and confidence filled week by the grace of our great God!

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