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Weekly Newsletter - September 23, 2023

Praise the name of the Most High God for all His wonder, glory, virtue, and mercy upon His children at Christ Life Embassy. Week-by-week we are witnessing an increase of God's power which abides in this sanctuary of the Holy Spirit, this is truly a marvel of God.

Last week at CLM, we had legal matters that would have been ongoing if not healed and delivered by the mercy of God, He has also imparted the grace of kingdom service to His children.

Water baptisms shall be soon available for any child of God who wants to publicly declare their devotion and their unification with the Lord God Almighty! Our Heavenly Father has been drawing souls from all over the land to restore their peace, joy, and abundance; ultimately, He has drawn them to solidify a stronger relationship with His children.

On Sunday's service, the man of God taught about speaking the word during fellowship, no physical violence, the importance of writing down visions, and the prayer of mercy. Being under a prophetic mantle means that power is available to utilize in all facets of the lives of the beloved saints of God! All glory, honour, and praise onto God!

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