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Weekly Newsletter - September 6, 2023

Let the saints of God say amen! The mercy and favour of God is shining upon His sons and daughters which shall abound more and more.

We glorify God for last weeks powerful service about how to build the courage of God. We live in perilous times, it takes courage to be victorious. The man of God taught that courage is not like a light switch that can simply be turned off and on, it must be built by activating spiritual platforms such as prayer, fasting, and plantation.

Last week, God gave some people renewal of beauty and appearance, He also injected more grace to pray in others. The house of God truly is a tabernacle of signs and wonders! Our website has been updated and is looking glorious, please endeavour to share with family and friends as the kingdom of God expands.

This week shall be a week of growth in the word, and increased peace in your mind faculties. God loves you all deeply here at CLM. ALL GLORY, PRAISE, AND HONOUR TO OUR GREAT GOD IN HEAVEN!

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