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Our Pastor

The Apostle of God, Christian Sharifi, is a man ordained by God Himself to carry out the work of this ministry. He was called into ministry by the Holy Spirit after many years of intensive biblical training and application. He is a preacher, a teacher, a healer, and an intercessory prayer vessel of the Spirit of God.

He has been given the supernatural gift to heal all forms of sickness and uproot all Satanic oppression by the power of the Holy Spirit for the betterment of God's people.

Our beloved pastor has also been given the gift of revelation and is a chosen interpreter of the bible. He teaches continual repentance in a manner that can be easily applied and generates immediate results in the lives of God's children.

God in His word says that we are to be doers of the word and not hearers only, the mission of our beloved servant is for God's children to become mighty doers of God's word, which will create perpetual testimonies for God's heritage.

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What Makes Our Pastor Special

To be called by God Himself into the pastoral office means there is great anointing to break strongholds, free oppressions and establish God's children in this world and in God's Kingdom. Our Pastor is raising a new wave of strong Christians in the land, with the ultimate goal of establishing new servants for God's glory in the coming generations. 


We give God Almighty all the glory and praise for raising a true general in His kingdom.

Dedicated Pastor Advancing the Kingdom of God

Our pastor is an extremely devoted and faithful conduit to the expansion of the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit dwells within him beyond measure, and his purpose and goals are all purely for the glorification of God's kingdom and the growth and development of God's children. 

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An Exceptional Teacher and Spiritual Leader

His teaching ability sets the platform of immediate understanding and application which generates testimonies and blessings for the child of God at CLM. He is a man of truth, a man of righteousness, a man of holiness, a man of prayer and fasting, and a man with a deep and yearning heart for worshipping God.

A Selfless Pastor

He cares more about the lives of his congregation than he does his own, this is because his own heart has reached severe fellowship with the spirit of God. He will take time to counsel you and listen to your needs, and through prophetic prayers can lead you to the divine destiny God has for you. 


Connect With Us

Get involved and connect with us today; all are welcome to our Pentecostal church. Our church is a beautiful modernized sanctuary with a prayer room, a counselling room and a glorified sanctuary that portrays the true glory of God. 


Feel free to email our church administrator or call the office if you have questions regarding this ordained Pentecostal church. We hope to see you in the house of God, where God's glory shall shine upon you in your journey in Christ Jesus.

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