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Christ Life Embassy Ministries is a spiritual Christian church founded and ordained by God Himself. Not by man.
The ministry was established in the year 2022, with the purpose of building a new wave of God's glory through the land.

We are a church of power.
We are a church of healing.
We are a church of breakthroughs.
And most gloriously, we are a church of miracles.

The word of God is ministered at Christ Life Embassy for the betterment of God's children. The word of God has no bounds or limitations and will drastically improve all areas of our lives based on our level of spiritual application.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to raise new pastors, prophets, teachers, and apostles ordained by the Holy Spirit for the new generation. God is looking for new servants to use and the training and wisdom provided at CLM sets the platform for our vision to become reality. 

Those who are under the training of our Pastor will begin to have a deep and intimate relationship with God, which is the meaning of existence. God in His loving heart wants a deep bond with all of mankind, and He shall create that platform for those who continually visit this house of God.

We live in trying times with so many uncertainties, it is the church of God that is our pillar, our strength, and our backbone as individuals and as a community. 

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We want to help you:

Achieve A Deeper understanding

This ordained ministry emphasizes deep revelations of the bible for all to utilize and apply swiftly. We believe in the development of understanding God's ways by teaching biblical principles, which will grant you a deeper relationship with God while also addressing your issues in life.

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Be Imparted With the Strength Of God

In this church, you will be imparted with the strength of God upon every visitation. Your prayer life will grow leaps and bounds in a very short time. Your worship and fasting ability shall grow to levels you never thought possible, all by the grace of God!

Hear the Voice of God

It is the Holy Spirit that will empower you to grow rapidly in your spiritual gifting. Ultimately you will begin to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit yourself. CLM's main goal is for the children of God to be able to hear the voice of their Heavenly Father as soon as possible. 

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Connect With Us

This is a living tabernacle where the Holy Spirit dwells and where God abides, heals, cleanses, delivers, and administers spiritual impartations.

As every authority figure or king has a home, God is the same. Christ Life Embassy is the palace of the Most High God, and in this temple of the Holy Spirit, is where God will nourish the lives of His beloved children. 

Come join us today and become a part of our welcoming Pentecostal congregation. Our modernized sanctuary features a prayer room, a counselling space, and a glorified sanctuary that reflects the true majesty of God. All are invited to connect with us.

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