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On Thursday, I was in an accident and badly injured; I was in unbearable pain. I had cuts, scrapes, and bruises on my legs; my ankles were severely sprained and swollen, and I could barely walk.

The accident happened a couple of hours before prayer meeting; I ensured I didn’t miss attending because I know there is healing power in the Tabernacle.

The following day, the pain subsided, but I still had severe swelling and trouble walking. The man of God told me I would be completely healed by Sunday’s service.

On Friday and Saturday, I engaged in thanksgiving before God and behaved as if I were fully healed. I didn’t tend to my injuries and continued about my schedule, having the utmost faith in what the servant of God decreed.

All glory to our Almighty God; an injury that would’ve taken weeks to recover from was supernaturally healed in less than three days! Hallelujah! All the pain and swelling have gone, and even the bruising has diminished.I thank the servant of God for the wisdom of engaging in thanksgiving and behaving as if your desired result has already come to fruition. Our Pastor also taught that prayer meetings are a powerful ministration on their own and to run to the Tabernacle during tribulation, for the labourer is worthy of their reward.


What a privilege it is to be planted in a ministry where God’s miracles, signs, and wonders are on display for His children. I exalt the Most High God

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I glorify God for granting me the grace to control my emotions and not yield to worry or fear.

My schedule has been overwhelming and in the middle of my busiest week, my car broke down leaving me without a vehicle.

In that moment, I remembered Pastor’s teaching about worship and thanksgiving during times of tribulation; that worship makes you a warrior rather than a worrier.

Through application of this wisdom, I received an overflow of peace, joy, and self-control; I was able to make sound decisions rather than yielding to impulse.

I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to immediately detect unholy impartations of the mind, I also thank Him for the grace to remember and apply the powerful teachings of the man of God. I exalt the name of Jesus Christ!

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I glorify God for all He has done for me while planted in this powerful ministry.

I came here broken, lost, and tormented by childhood trauma.

God is so good that He brought me to this ministry; He healed me of all my strongholds within three months of being planted and taking diligent notes of the Pastor’s teachings.

After our Lord Jesus Christ delivered and healed me, I received abundant blessings and business exaltation. I praise The Almighty God for His favour!

God also unlocked His voice to me at a high degree; He has given me access to prophetic visions and warnings; I exalt the Most High God!

The wisdom taught from this altar has wholly changed my natural and spiritual life. I thank The Lord for the privilege to be trained by the man of God.

All facets of life have been transformed, I cannot thank Jesus Christ enough for what He has done for me these past couple of years! I am excited to be entering 2024 in God’s presence! All glory, praise, and adoration to Our Almighty God!

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About two months ago I came into the house of God and since the very first service, I knew in my soul that this truly was the house of God and that the man of God truly was a real man of God. As I came here week by week I felt the renewal of energy, a renewal of age, a renewal of health, and a renewal of my appearance. One service the man of God called me from the altar and told me that the health of God has entered inside of me and that I am radiating and glowing in appearance. I want to thank the Almighty God for the blessing of divine health and I want to thank the man of God for his prayers and his counsel in my life.

I give glory to God for renewing my health even at the age of 77 years old. All glory, praise, and honour to Jesus. I am full of energy, and I’ve never felt so healthy. Everyone keeps telling me how incredible I look for my age and this is only the handwork of the Almighty God. I give glory, honour, praise, and adoration to God! Devine health lives inside this church and it’s truly a miraculous outpour of the spirit of God! Amen!

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The man of God taught that prayer and fasting prior to soul winning imparts the boldness of God. Yesterday was my second time evangelizing and I applied this wisdom, my brother in the Lord pointed out that my confidence and boldness has increased; I glorify the Almighty God for the visible grace. I am honoured to experience this impartation firsthand. I also praise our Lord Jesus Christ for increasing my desire to soul-win! I am filled with abundant joy during evangelism that I now hunger for it; this was also taught by the man of God and I thank him for his profound wisdom. All glory and praise to the Almighty God!

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I was having some issues with my vision and I was told by my doctor that I have caterax. I had a medical procedure booked for last month and I did have a little anxiety about the procedure as it was somewhat serious.


One day after service I told the man of God of my upcoming surgery, and he laid his hands up on my head and he decreed healing and success in the procedure on all fronts. The following day I went for the medical procedure and by the grace of God it was a complete success and I was healed of the caterax issue in lightning speed.


I thank the man of God for taking his time to pray for my issue and I thank God for healing me and using the doctors to take this illness away from my life. All glory praise and honour to Jesus Christ for His healing power. This is truly a sanctuary of healing and I am honoured to be in God's house as He continues to heal the issues of my life one by one! Glory to God

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By the grace of God I’ve been coming to the prayer meetings on Thursday for a few months now and I can see now onto the glory of God that my prayer life has increased leaps and bounds by Gods grace.


I am able to play longer, pray with more feverency, and by the pastors wisdom I am engaging multiple platforms of prayer that I never knew even existed. Also last week the servant of God taught about evangelism and since that very service there has been a fire and burning in my soul to win souls for Jesus Christ. By God‘s grace I have been able to step out and talk to people about Jesus and even win souls already and it’s just been one week.


It is a spectacular feeling to be able to populate the kingdom of God and it is all by the grace of God. I give Him glory, praise, and adoration. I thank the servant of God for his incredible wisdom and his feverent love for God and love for the children of God. Thank you Jesus!


I had been struggling with spiritual warfare around my home and around my atmosphere and I was in a lot of lower back pain for some time. Last Tuesday the Man of God contacted me and he said he wanted to have a spiritual council session with me. He brought me into the house of God and he brought me into his office and he gave me some deep deep insight and how to enhance my walk with God, and I felt rejoiced immediately. I asked him to pray for the pain in my lower back and as he laid his hands on me I felt power enter inside of me. Immediately it was as though that long-standing pain had vanished.


He also decreed that all evil around my encampment be burned by the fire of God and immediately I felt the strong release and freedom in my soul and mind. I really want to thank the most high God for healing my back through His servant and binding the power of the wicked in my life.


Since that day I have been pain-free and the spiritual warfare that had been encompassing me has all but vanished. I thank the servant of God for taking his time to guide me, teach me and pray for me and once again thank you Jesus for your immediate healing and restoration in these areas. All glory praise and honour to Jesus Christ.

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During my time planted in the house of God I have noticed both the desire and the power to sleep less and less. By the grace of God I would wake up earlier and earlier and earlier over time to the point I was waking up at one and two in the morning filled with energy and ready to pray and be productive. 


God has granted me the power of midnight prayer with incredible results and I wanna give glory to God and thank the servant of God for teaching us the power of midnight prayer. I am currently operating on minimal sleep a night and it is a supernatural manifestation surely as God has commissioned me to pray in those midnight hours with the fire of the spirit. Thank you Jesus for your grace and your power in this area. 

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One morning the man of God messaged me out of nowhere and he told me there is a woman sent into my life by the devil which has a Jezebel spirit. And indeed there was a provocative woman chasing me for sometime and I was having difficulty removing myself from her grasp, however two weeks ago in service, the servant of the most high God prayed for me that every Jezebel power in my life be uprooted by the fire of God. The following week this woman that has been chasing me and hounding me for so long ended up breaking up with me herself and she ran away.


I give glory to God because now in hindsight I could see that there were some negative and toxic personality traits operating inside of her. Thank you Jesus for delivering me, thank you Jesus for healing me, and I thank you Pastor for praying for me, all glory to God.

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I came to the house of God many months ago and I can say on the first few times I attended I felt a very strong power of the Holy Spirit abide in this particular tabernacle.


I had some trauma from my past living around but as I came to the house of God week by week the trauma slowly began to dissipate and leave my soul. I began to feel free and liberated for the first time in a long time and I can only thank Jesus Christ for the healing of my soul.


I was also in need of a job and I kept coming to the house of God with that expectation and hope, one day I had a council with the man of God and he told me he would take it in his own hands and pray with all his might. About three weeks to a month after our meeting I was given a job by the Lord and I can only thank Jesus Christ for his provision his breakthrough and his outpour of mercy in this area. This was a great relief for me as it was stressful not working here in Canada.


All glory praise and honour to the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour amen and I thank the man of God for his prayers his counsel and his tireless labour in Gods house. Thank you Jesus.

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I went online looking for churches and I found the name of Christ Life Embassy Ministries and I was very drawn to it immediately. I felt a supernaturally lead that to come to service and I decided to obey.


I have been oppressed by demonic spirits for the last year heavily in my dreams and it was not going away. On my very first service the man of God prayed all forms of oppression in my home be uprooted and since that service depression that has been hounding me for one year has completely vanished. I give all glory praise and honour to Jesus Christ for healing me and I thank the man of God for his prayers.


Also after that very first service the following week I received a job opportunity out of completely nowhere. I know that this is the hand of the Lord but I’m still astounded at what God has done just one service here in the tabernacle of God. Call glory praise and honour to the name of Jesus Christ and I thank the man of God first counsel and prayers.

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I was on the Internet one night looking for churches and I found a church by the name of Christ Life Embassy Ministries and I couldn't believe there was a ministry that talked about the House of God like no other, I read that this church is a place of power, healing, breakthroughs, and miracles and I felt this was a Devine appointment.


I give God glory because the very first service the man of God prayed for me and I felt an immediate shift inside my spirit. Some residual pain or trauma was taken from my soul that very day. Since then as I have been coming, I’ve been given more access to divine visions of God, I’m hearing God more and more and this gifting is from the strong presence that lives in the sanctuary. Finally, I have been given the gift of divine health by God here in the sanctuary as I feel renewed in vitality, appearance and energy and I am radiating inside and out.


I give all glory, praise and honour to the name of Jesus Christ and I thank Him for what He has done for me in such a short amount of time. I thank the man of God for his prayers and his counsel in my life as well. All glory to God for now and forever more. 

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On Thursday night we had a prayer meeting at the house of God and the man of God said that tonight is going to be very powerful. As we were praying, I felt deliverance coming out of me and I felt impartation entering inside of me.


Since that night I can testify onto the glory of God, the fire of God in my spirit has been magnified and quantified by leaps and bounds. I have a newfound Drive, grace and anointing to pursue God in a deeper manner. That night the fire of God came inside of me and I want to thank God for this power.


The servant of God always teaches us that we need to break our limitations and break our limits with God, and since that evening that has truly happened in my spiritual walk with the most high God. I thank the men of God for his prayers, his counsel and his wisdom in my life. All glory to God, Jesus my Lord and Saviour. The drive that I feel since that evening is a supernatural energy to seek Him always, and this is something that is sacred to my soul. For now and forever more. Thank you, Jesus. 

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I want to give God all the glory for what He has been rapidly doing to me in The House of God.  About 2 weeks ago I had been feeling very anxious and almost discouraged because I couldn’t find a practicum facility that would host me as their student and time was ticking, every answer was a no or was because they were closed for spring break.


Last Sunday’s service the man of God, Pastor Christian was led to pray for me and asked me what I needed prayer for and I immediately requested for God to open up a facility that can host me, which Pastor Christian prayed for. The very next day, I got my answer and more!! Hallelujah! The practicum director shared with me that she is also a born again Christian, she offered that I bring my 2 little children with me while I do my practicum on her site so that I don’t have to worry about my own childcare!!


It was honestly God who put that all together. I feel so blessed and just beyond thankful for God answering my prayer and for Pastor Christian’s prayers that break through to the third heaven. All glory, praise,  and honour to the Most High God for now and forever more.


I got into a cycling accident on Feb.23rd and Ended up with bruised ribs and a badly sprained shoulder.  I had to take 3 work days off, and also was not able to go to the gym and play ice hockey as per usual.


Pastor invited me to my first prayer meeting on Mar. 14th, on one of my prayers I asked God for a quick healing process for my injuries. Lo and behold, in the same week I was able to play two hockey sessions on the same day, one pick up game and one league game.  It was a miraculous healing with speed and God restored me supernaturally from my physical ailment. 


I would like to thank God for the quick healing I was granted, all glory,  honour and praise to the name of Jesus Christ. I also want to thank the man of God for all that he does for God‘s house and God‘s children. He is truly a vessel of the spirit and His devotion to God is unmatched. Thank you Jesus for your touch on my life. Amen and amen. 

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I give Glory to God for what He has done in my life both in the natural and in my spiritual life since coming to this ministry, especially of late. Last week,  the servant of God messaged me in the morning and he declared that God has imparted me with the power of fasting, onto the glory of God I noticed that my fasting power has increased leaps and bounds and it has had a great effect on my spiritual life.


The man of God has taught that fasting fastens you to God and a Christian can only fast by the grace of God and now I’m experiencing it. Thank you Almighty Jesus for the spiritual gifting and spiritual power, all glory, praise, and honour to Jesus Christ. 

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Divine protection over my family. 

I've always declared God's word over my family just as it says in Acts 16:31 "So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

Some Sundays ago Pastor Christian, mentioned that scripture and again I declared it over my family. 

Yesterday my husband went up the mountain with his friends to go on a snowmobile run before the season is over. They usually go off-grid where there's no cell coverage. I had a discernment that yesterday was a little bit off so I prayed against what I was feeling.


When my husband came home he said that he got into an accident up the mountain and couldn't call me. He said as he pressed the gas pedal the snow powder sprayed all over his face causing a sudden visual distortion at the same time he pressed his gas pedal right on full. He flew up 50 feet in the air and down with his snowmobile that weighs 700lbs. His two friends thought he was dead with how he flew up and landed.


My husband could not explain how he got off the snowmobile, flew up in the air, and the snowmobile not land on him. He got up with zero injuries whatsoever, not even pain! Hallelujah. That is God's divine mercy and protection over my family. God is faithful. I glorify the Almighty king of kings! 

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Last Thursday I saw Pastor Christian for counselling in the morning. Towards the end of the session he said that a few days before Thursday, God showed him that a blessing was coming my way.


Not knowing what it was I believed it, I claimed and received that blessing upon me immediately. That same evening, I also joined the 7pm prayer meeting group, And our beloved Pastor prayed for wealth for all of us, and again I claimed it for me too! When I got home that night I opened my laptop and checked my email, I received an email from a bursary I applied for back in February which is when I began coming here. When I clicked my email the first sentence said “Congratulations, your application has been approved for funding!” First thing I did was sing to God and praised Him.


Ever since I’ve been coming to Christ Life Embassy, I have been walking in testimonies! This is the most powerful church I have ever been a part of. I thank our mighty God for His provision and His mercy, and I also thank the man of God for his care and ministration towards my life continually. Glory to God! 

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I give all glory and praise to our Almighty God for His protection over my family.


We had to drill into a concrete slab for one of our installations. I told the site superintendent that we need the concrete scanned before drilling to ensure we don’t hit any critical pipes or conduits. 


The site team didn’t want concrete scanning and told us to proceed without it. 


Right before my dad was about to drill into the slab, the electrician stopped him because there was a 600-volt cable in that location. 


The electrician was heading home for the day and walked by just in time. If my dad hit that cable, he would’ve died instantly. I thank God for saving his life. 


The man of God has taught that God’s protection extends to our families when we’re planted in the Tabernacle of the Holy Spirit. What a privilege to be a part of this powerful ministry. Hallelujah to Jesus Christ!

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Wednesday evening at around 1 am, my two year old was heavily attacked. He woke up vomiting three times out of nowhere with a 104 degrees temperature. My initial reaction was to rush him to the hospital. Instead The Holy Spirit led me to pray and bind that spirit of infirmity that was plotting around my child.


The previous Sunday, we had the opportunity to have an anointing oil service. I did what Pastor Christian taught us and I remembered what he said, that we can also use the anointing oil in times when we are feeling strong. I anointed my child and he and I prayed together, my 2 year old was agreeing with me!


The next morning, my son woke up with no fever and was feeling brand new! Glory to God! A supernatural recovery and healing occurred almost instantaneously and I want to thank God and give Him all the glory for His healing powers and virtues. I also thank the man of God for his kindness and administration towards me and my family‘s life continually. Thank you Jesus!!

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I was dealing with a lot of toxic work related issues during my work shifts (eg. gossip, talking behind others back, and other drama) during my Thursday prayer meetings I had the opportunity to ask God Almighty to bind all the negativity at my workplace, and unto the glory of God, for the last 2 weeks, since I have been going back to work, all the issues have been solved and everything has improved. The gossip has stopped, the slander has stopped, and the overall negative atmosphere has been deceased.


I would love to thank God for making my work place a non toxic environment.  I would also like to thank Almighty God for giving me increased ability and increased grace in my prayer power. I have been continually attending the prayer meetings and my endurance, skill and ability have grown leaps and bounds in such a short amount of time.


All glory, praise, and honour be to the name of Jesus Christ and I thank the servant of God for his ministration and his help towards my life. Amen 


As a mom to 3 wonderful children under the age of 6, I am always moving, most of the time I don’t get much sleep. My 8 hour sleep days are gone. In this church, Pastor Christian always asks God to give us the power to fast and pray. I have been praying for that power to seek God through feverant fasting and prayer grace.


Last month, I had a situation I needed to pray for with desperation. By His grace, God gave me the strength to fast until almost dinner and to keep praying throughout the whole day. I give God praise and glory for imparting me with the power of fasting and prayer as I continue to grow in the Lord.


I praise God for His faithfulness and for the privilege that He gives us every day to go before His throne of grace. To be planted in this ministry and be taught by a Holy Spirit ordained man of God is also a true blessing I am beyond grateful for because for so many years I have been yearning and searching for a deeper teaching that can help me understand the immeasurable love that Jesus has for me, and here is where I began to understand and manifest the true meaning of why it is such a privilege to be a child of the most high God! 

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I give Glory to God because I was in the midst of a difficult situation filled with trials as my work was refusing to pay me on time. Even though it was causing me internal stress by the grace of God I had the power of severe resiliency, peace, and joy in the midst of the fire. I can rest assured in my soul and say that this was the power of God at work because most people would have yielded to the stress based on the particular circumstance.


I want to give Glory to God for granting me peace, joy, determination and strength in this moment, I did not backslide, in fact, I only grew in the Lord so thank you, Jesus, and thank you to the man of God as the Holy Spirit God has clearly imparted strength into my spirit and my soul.


The man of God has thought that in life there should be tribulations but when the strength of God enters inside of you we rise over those tribulations and that is how we become conquerors in Christ. Thank you, Jesus. You're the God of wonder and grace! Amen

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The man of God has taught that God first heals internal matters of the heart before He performs outwardly in our lives. I am grateful to have experienced this firsthand. 


My internal healing happened within three months while being planted at Christ Life Embassy Ministries. Before plantation, I carried a deep resentment of my past; I was depressed, bitter, and had little love for life, but the more time I spent in the house of God, the heaviness was lifted, and joy was imparted into me in each visitation. 


Almost three years later, by the grace of God, peace and joy occupy my soul in a way I never thought possible. I have fallen in love with life through falling in love with God! The joy of the Lord has an effect not only on myself but also on my relationships, my family, and my business. Even during tribulation, I still occupy God’s divine joy, and it came only through scheduling my entire life around the church, making the temple of The Holy Spirit my number one priority.


I praise Jesus Christ for the privilege and honour of having access to this ministry and the wisdom of His servant. The joy of the Lord is just one of the countless blessings I have received from Mount Zion, and I will be faithful to the house of the Almighty God until the day I give up the Ghost.

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I want to share this testimony with you today because of how wonderful God is, He is always worthy to be praised. 


About 2 years ago my mother went back to the Philippines because her visitors visa expired. During those 2 years we were faced with challenges and worries we may not see her back here in Canada again. 


We still proceeded to apply for a new visa but this time a work visa, where if granted she’s able to work here legally in my husband’s construction company. 


September is when we started the process and hadn’t heard much ever since. February of this year is when I started to come here to the house of God. During the prayer meeting back in March, I requested for my mom’s visa approval to be granted. Before we prayed, God spoke to the Man of God, and He showed Pastor Christian a vision of documents being handed to her. I received that prophetic message by faith. And today my mother is here with us. 


I give glory to an almighty God. He is able to do all things and He is faithful to keep His promises. What a privilege it is to be planted in a powerful church where you can experience God’s miraculous work. A church where we have a Holy Spirit ordained Pastor whom God speaks to about us, and invests his time praying for us. He is also one whom I’m truly grateful for and I thank God for that and give Him all of the Glory.

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I have known the man of God for a long time and we live in the same neighbourhood and I would see him every morning praying with all of his heart. I believe in the son of God and after multiple invitations from the man of God, I decided to come to the house of God.


I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit immediately and I felt a strong power inside the sanctuary upon entry. After three services I can say and testify onto the glory of God that I feel healthier, more vitalized with more energy, and even look younger. I thank the most high God for granting me access to divine health and it is truly a great virtue.


Also, I have had long standing shoulder pain, and I’ve taken many medications but the pain has never subsided, Until last Sunday the servant of the most high God came to me in service and asked me what I want God to do for me and as he laid his hands on my shoulders and commanded healing,  I felt a supernatural current take away the pain in my shoulder. The painkillers that I’ve been prescribed by the doctors have had major side effects on my life and mental well-being. God has healed me from a long-standing yoke of pain in my body, and I’ve come here to glorify God and magnify his name for what He has done for.


Unto the glory of God, I am free from the meds and the side effects this day! Thank you Jesus and thank you to the man of God as well, for helping me and delivering me of this burden. God is truly an all poweful God. 

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What a powerful and miraculous God we serve! Since 2009 I had a benign cyst in my right breast, I tried my best to get it healed, from seeing medical and holistic doctors to taking so many supplements, and no matter what I still had the lump inside.


Last month, God touched me here, divinely at His house. The man of God prayed over me for divine health to enter inside of me. The magnitude of Pastor Christian’s prayer reached God’s ear and a few days after his prayer, I noticed that the lump was gone. I’ve just been in awe at how fast and powerful His work is in this church. That all I could do was sing to Him in praise. For so many days I was observing where my lump went and God has completely melted my cyst out of my body.


I’m truly grateful for Jesus’ promise of giving us divine health, that by His stripes we are healed from any ailments. God is still healing, He’s still giving us miracles. What He truly wanted was for me to seek Him first, because He is the true healer. Now I can say with gladness and thankfulness that I am healed. I give all the glory to our Almighty Father and I am beyond grateful for Pastor Christian who prays on our behalf. All glory, praise, and honour to Christ Almighty!

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Two weeks ago I fell on my arm and felt an immediate sharp pain in my wrist area. As the day progressed the pain began to get worse and worse. I went to the doctor and the doctor told me that I had broken my wrist and that I would have to wear a cast for an extended period of time.


The following week both inside the prayer meeting and inside the Sunday service the servant of the most high God prayed for me for supernatural healing. I felt the pain in my wrist begin to subside and when I went back to the doctor, he said that my wrist was not broken anymore but it just suffered a fracture.


I give glory to the most high God for his healing power and his mercy and I thank the servant of God for praying for me as well. Since coming to Christ life embassy a month ago I can testify to the glory of God that I felt a radiant joy in my soul, heart and mind that I’ve never felt before, God has granted his daughter supernatural joy from the heavenly realms and all forms of sorrow, heaviness and depression were lifted out of me with great speed. I give Glory to God for the impartation of the spirit of joy and now I am a daughter of jubilation and laughter everywhere I go. Thank you Jesus, thank you to our pastor, and all glory to the most high God for now and forever more. 

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One month of coming to Christ Life Embassy Ministries, the power of the most high God has already delivered a long-standing pain killer addiction from my life. But I was taking two more heavy painkillers with yet long-standing side effects. I have come here today to testify to the power of God that is at work and this assembly.


Two weeks ago in the Sunday service, the servant of the most high God laid His hands on me and decreed supernatural health and healing of addictions. After the Sunday service, I threw out the second painkiller and I had zero withdrawal, God has set me free once again and I give Him glory honour and praise for helping me and healing me his child.


The following week after the prayer meeting the man of God prayed for deliverance for my final and third pain killer, lo and behold when I went home that night I was propelled to throw the medication in the garbage and I woke up with zero desire and zero withdrawal once again.


The God of Christ Life Embassy Ministries has now healed me of three long standing painkiller addictions in a span of one month. What an incredible omnipotent powerful God that we serve and I thank  Him for what He has done for me. I also want to thank the man of God for his tireless efforts prayers and counsel over my life, all glory and honour to the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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I praise the Almighty God for imparting me with His grace both naturally and spiritually. 

I have been highly consecrated this week and I have been praying and studying His word more than usual. The man of God taught about divine awareness a couple services ago, he taught that one’s level of holiness is directly correlated to their level of awareness of God. Through consecration my awareness for God has increased, allowing me to occupy more of a pure mind and more desire for the Almighty God which has resulted in more spiritual labour. 

This has also had affect on my work as well, I have been able to complete tasks that I have been procrastinating on. I give all glory to the most high God! I thank Jesus Christ for planting me in this powerful ministry and for the privilege of being trained by His servant.

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I have had a long-standing severe pain in my right hand and fingers. I’ve tried many remedies to no avail, however on Thursday night by the grace of God I came to the prayer meeting and asked God to supernaturally heal my hand.


I immediately felt the power of the Holy Spirit begin to subside the pain, and I went home and slept, the following morning I woke up and all the pain inside my hand had vanished and dissipated by the power of the most high God.

The hand pain was affecting my ability to drive, work, and do daily tasks, but the most high God has healed me once again and I’ve come here to give Him all the glory,  honour and praise.


I thank the man of God for his prayers and counsel upon my life, and truly I have become a walking testimony. Thank you Jesus Almighty.

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I glorify God for His favour, provision, and answered prayers! 


A client of mine was very late on a large payment and wasn’t responding. I diligently prayed for the payment to be released, but to no avail. 


I then remembered that the man of God taught that life issues only become important to God when the person becomes truly desperate for them to be resolved. So last Sunday, I asked the man of God to pray again, but this time, I was truly desperate, screaming in my heart as He prayed. Three days after the man of God prayed, my payment was finally released, hallelujah!! 


I thank the man of God along with everyone at the prayer meetings who helped me pray. I give all praise to our Omnipotent God for His faithfulness and power. I exalt the name of Jesus Christ.

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I’ve had a long standing skin issue called eczema, and it was causing me stress and unconformability. Two services ago, the man of God prayed from the altar of God commanding healing to my body and I received the prayer in faith. The following morning I woke up and the long standing eczema skin issue had been removed from my body supernaturally. I give all glory to God for healing His daughter of this ailment in lightning speed.


When I first moved here from the Philippines I had to wear gloves on my hand so people would not see my eczema, now by the grace of God, I’ve been healed and set free and I thank Jesus for His wonderful works. I also thank the man of God for his ministration, his prayers, and his teaching for God‘s children in God‘s house. All glory, praise and honour to the name of Jesus Christ. 

For now and forever more.


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