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Fire Of God

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The foundation and call of this ministry is prophetic; therefore, the fire of God is very tangible, with strong manifestation inside this sanctuary of God. Many of our issues are not rooted in natural circumstances; they are rooted in darkness in the spiritual realm. A child of God must understand that darkness is real and has a foundation to create chaos and disturbances in our lives due to being rooted in one dimension in the spiritual realm.

It is prevalent for carnal man to believe that negative circumstances in our lives are a direct byproduct of natural events and decisions. However, a spiritual man sees reality from the spiritual realm. Both light and darkness exist in the spirit, that is to say, God and Satan, and the fall of Adam and Eve, which is the originator of sin, gave darkness a particular stronghold in this world.

Empowering Your Spiritual Journey 

God desires His children all across the globe to live a life of true authentic liberty grounded with a heart and mind of peace and joy. The darkness that can strategize against you is rooted in one dimension of the spiritual realm and can only be dismantled and destroyed by the fire of God, which is created under the prophetic calling of God.

The only way to overcome this is by having the fire of God activated in your life, which can only be distributed under a prophetic house of God and a prophetic mantle as the prophets of old. By being under a prophetic ministry and a prophetic upbringing, the fire of God present in every service extinguishes evil strategies formed against our lives.

Fire of god
christ life embassy Fire of god

Embracing His Protective Fire for Spiritual Victory

The Almighty God has many different sides to HIM, just as humans do, for the Bible says man was created in God's image. The fire of God is both our protection and our defence against evil strategies that formulate in the spiritual realm and manifest in our lives.


A child of God can live in peace, joy, and harmony all the days of their life; however, outside of having access to the fire of God, continual peace, joy, and harmony is unattainable. We must understand that God is loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, and all-powerful, but He is also fire, and that fire can and will be kindled against opposition in your life at Christ Life Embassy Ministries.

The Vengeance of God

The fire of God acts as the vengeance of God against the minions of darkness that desire oppression and dismay in the lives of God's children. Our glorious destinies in Christ Jesus will always be met with opposition and backlash in the spiritual realm. The reality of every child of God is that their destiny is so grand and vast that they are designed to impact millions of people across the globe, this is the will of God for each Christian. Darkness will always fight our destiny stage by stage desiring to keep us from breakthrough, exaltation, impact, plantation, and wisdom of God, thereby desiring to keep the inheritance of Christ Jesus far from our lives. It is the vengeance of God that removes these experiences from our lives in God's house thereby creating a platform of destiny manifestation and granting us our full inheritance in Christ Jesus. You will be set free under this ministry, as God's armour and shields are activated around you both in the house of God transferring to your private life.

christ life embassy fire of god

Connect with Us

Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration and embrace transformative change with Christ Life Embassy Ministries. We are here to lead you on a enlightening path towards spiritual growth and inner peace. Serving as your guiding light in life's challenges, we strive to be a supportive companion in your pursuit of spiritual clarity.

Our doors are wide open to those ready to delve into the profound depths of spiritual self-awareness and to those seeking divine guidance amidst life's complexities.

fire of god


Every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

Prayer meetings:

Every Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

Contact us


18 Gostick Place, Unit 200

North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G3

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